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Money Making Application – Novelah, Enjoy Reading Novels with this Money-Earning Application

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If you like to read novels, you will enjoy having this money-earning application on your smartphone. Novelah is an entertainment platform that allows you to read many genres of novels while earning money along the way.

The good thing, aside from earning money while reading, is that this application does not ask the users to make a deposit or buy coins to read novels in its collection.

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How to Download

The first step to start earning money while enjoying reading is by downloading the application to your smartphone. Go to its official website at

Alternatively, you can download it for free from Google Play Store or simply by clicking this link. After finishing installing it, continue to make a registration for an account.

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How to Get Money

Now that you have installed this money-earning application, you can start earning some money. This is how you do it:

  • Invite Some Friends. By inviting one friend, you can earn 120,000 points. The more people you invite, the more points you can collect.
  • Input Invitation Code. If you have an invitation code, you can input the code in the ‘Me’ menu. You will get an additional 30,000 points.
  • Reading Novels. With technology, reading can be done electronically as you will do in this app. Novelah will give you a time or total chapter you need to fulfill as a requirement. You will get points to collect afterward.
  • Daily Check-In. If you can routinely do the daily check-in consecutively, you will get some points to collect.
  • Bonus Mission. This is an easy way to earn points, just simply watching some advertisements in the app. Or, you can also install some additional apps as suggested. This will earn you some points as well.


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In order to cash in your points, there are minimum collected points to fulfill. All these points will be converted into cash and then you can ask for a transfer, whether to your bank account, or your e-wallet account.

The minimum point is 7,2 million points and you can get IDR120,000. For 15 million points, you can get IDR250,000. Finally, for 30 million points, you will receive IDR500,000.

Now that you know how easy it is to earn money, go download Novelah now. This money-earning application is fun and you can easily get some money along the way.