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Money Making Application – WHAFF Reward, Money Maker App, How to Download and How to Use

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This article will give you guidance on how to install and use this app so you can get extra money from your mobile device.

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How to Use WHAFF Reward

As a money generator app, you can earn extra money by finishing daily missions and tasks. This app offers special tasks for the user and gets a reward for completing that task.

This app also offers Bitcoin and Ethereum and has plenty of mini-games and tasks inside this app. Every task appears as a game.

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By playing the suggested daily games, users can get rewards and withdraw them easily. Moreover, you can earn money from every installation of an app inside this app.

Start Using WHAFF Reward

Should you want to use WHAFF Rewards, you can follow the below instruction for a proper download:

  • Make sure you have a Facebook Account. If you don’t have it, then you can download Facebook and then create an account.
  • Login to WHAFF with your FB account.
  • Look for any cool apps you can find, and download your choices.
  • Keep playing, keep downloading, and run the app to collect the reward. You can request withdrawal after you reach the minimum amount built up.
  • Redeem your reward for real cash or a cool gift.

Rules You Must Know

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There are some rules and warnings you must know. If you fail to follow this rule, then you cannot request a payout. Below are the rules:

  • You cannot use VPN or any other ways to earn false access to WHAFF.
  • Putting invitation codes on online reviews is prohibited.
  • Users are not allowed to use multiple IDs on one device or vice versa. Should you use IMEI changers or ID emulators, then you will be banned permanently.
  • Don’t exploit by spamming invitations.

Conclusively, WHAFF Rewards is an app you can use to earn money by installing an app, playing games, completing a mission, and inviting friends.