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Money Making Application – Toloka, Money Making App for Extra Income

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Toloka is a type of survey platform that gives money to its respondents. This application made by Yandex has several missions that must be completed by its respondents.

If you as the respondent complete the mission, there will be a reward that you can get. You can then withdraw these rewards using several payment method options. Before trying this application, see the reviews below:

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Tips and Tricks to Get Rewards on the Toloka Application

There are several ways you can get rewards through this application. If you are curious about the tips and tricks, below are the reviews:

1. Verify or Add Information About The Business Unit

For those of you whose lives often spend outside the home, this mission is perfect for you. This is because you have a mission to survey the field.

You can verify and add information about a particular business unit. Then, you can add photos and check the working hours of the business unit. For example, if you update information about the business unit, you earn USD 2.5.

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2. Check The Website

If you prefer to earn money only from home, you can check if a site matches your search term or matches its description. You can fill in several questions that appear in the application with the answers according to what you have surveyed.

3. Watch Video

One of the missions most correspondents take on is watching videos. Then, you can flag videos that you cannot play with your smartphone or evaluate the relevance of search query results.

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How to Download This Money Making Apps

This application is so popular because it can make money. If you want to download this application, here is the step by-step:

  • Look for this app in the AppStore or Google Play Store.
  • Once you find it, click Download. You can download this application for free, without having to subscribe.
  • Next, click Install and wait a few moments for the application to be successfully installed on your device.

Now you can get money easily and quickly using the Toloka app. Complete various missions, earn money, and cash out using PayPal or Payoneer.