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Money Making Application – Do the Task Get the Cash: Zareklamy, Money-Earning Application for You to Try

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There are many tasks you can do to earn money from this money-earning application. Zareklamy has many different contents that can give you a cash reward every time you finish a task. Collect them to be converted into cash.

Tasks to Do

There are many types of tasks this money-earning application will ask you to do. Here is the list of tasks they usually ask you to complete:

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  • Watching advertisements for at least 30 seconds.
  • Make engagements such as “Like,” follow some accounts, or leave a comment on social media platforms.
  • Writing a review of a product or service.
  • Fill out a survey questionnaire.
  • Subscribe or make an account on a certain website.

The good thing is that Zareklamy does not ask you to fulfill a quota. That means you can do the task as you like. The commission will be depending on the difficulty level of the task given.

Start Earning

The first step will be downloading this money-earning application to your device. Simply go to Google Playstore to download it free or just by clicking this link. Then install it right away, then you are ready to start earning your income.

Zareklamy will give you a different commission for a different type of task you complete. The easiest task will be watching videos and making engagement (like, follow, or leave a comment). The average commission will be $0.01. The more tasks you complete, the more money you collect.

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By giving a review of a product or service, filling a survey questionnaire, or making an account on a certain website, it will give you a $3-$6 commission. Quite big but the number of those tasks is limited each day.

Fill a survey questionnaire is not as easy as you think, because you should be serious about doing it. Otherwise, poor quality will not earn you any commission.

Withdrawing the Cash

Since this is a legitimate application, you don’t have to worry. This app will pay you for your effort. The minimum amount of withdrawal is $25.

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You can ask them for your account in PayPal. So, if you don’t have one, you should make a PayPal account first. This is the only way it will transfer the money to their users.

Since this money-earning application is internationally based, Zareklamy uses PayPal to simplify the payment system for their users around the world. But they will pay you what you earned after you completed every task they ask.***