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Ceki Ceki is a money-making app that can give you extra income. Money-making apps become very popular these days because its fun to use and can give you extra money.

This app provides useful and qualified products from various e-commerce companies complete with a commission. This article will give you instructions on how to download this app and how to use it.

How Does Ceki Ceki Work?

Ceki Ceki is an app for money generators. This app works by generating product links from e-commerce to be shared.

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Users can get money by sharing a link with other people. Once the receiver clicks the link and makes a purchase, you can get a commission from that purchase.

You can get not only money but also phone credit. Also, you can get extra money by completing your daily mission.

How to Download?

Downloading this app is easy as long as you are connected to Wi-Fi or the internet, then you can have this app.

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First, open the Play Store and find Ceka Ceki. Next, click Install to begin the installation. After the installation is finished, you have to create an account to start making money.

Once you have an account, you can start the complete mission and share product links with your friends through social media or messaging apps.

Daily Mission

As stated above, you can make money from this app by sharing product links or completing daily missions. There are some missions to complete which are fun to do.

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  • Daily Login: Just by login in and entering the app, you can get points up to 350. But, you have to do this routinely to gain a daily point.
  • Inviting Friends: You can get up to 500 coins if you send an invitation link to your friends. Furthermore, you can get another 800 coins if your friends download this app from the link you share.
  • Searching for Product: This mission is very easy to complete. All you have to do is log in and go to the My Wallet menu. Afterward, you can search for a product and click it for 100 commissions each.
  • Sharing product: You can share the product with other people after searching and clicking it. From the My Wallet menu, click Share Product and choose which media you want to share.

Ceki Ceki is a fun app to use especially if you look for easy extra income. With the easy process of withdrawing, this app is worth trying.