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Money Making Application – Cash App, Mobile Banking App and How Does It Work

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Cash app is a free mobile banking app. Not only does mobile banking activity but is also useful for money management apps.

To be able to use it, you must download this app from the App Store. After that, sign up and create an account.

Features and How Does It Work

This app was built by Square Inc and is available in mobile and PC versions. Furthermore, what can Cash App do? Check the below list:

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1. Send and Receive Money

Once you have an account, then you can send and receive money in this app. All you need to do is connect the payment source. Once it is connected, then you can send and receive money.

To create a payment, you can start on the green payment tab and click Request or Pay. You can find the person you want to send money to from your email or phone number. Choose the name and send money or your source of funds linked to the app.

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2. Money Transfer

When you receive money, it is kept in your e-wallet. You can keep it there or you can choose to send it to your bank account.

The money transfer process varies from instant or regular time. If you choose the instant process, then there will be an extra charge of 0,5-1,75 percent of the transfer amount.

But, if you choose a regular transfer, then it takes one to three business days. There is no transfer fee for the regular transfer.

3. Top Up Your Balance

You can add money to your app balance from the linked fund source. Simply click Add Cash and fill in the decided amount and then click add.

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How to Download

You can download this app from the Play Store by searching it on the search bar. After finding it, then you can click install to start the installation.

The Cash App is available for individuals aged 13 and older. Furthermore, users can ask for a physical Cash Card and function as a debit card. This card is tied to the account. So the balance will follow the balance in the app.