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Money Making Application – Collect Points Get Cash by GrabPoints, Money-Earning Application to Add Your Income

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This is another way for you to get some income, simply by doing tasks given by this money-earning application. GrabPoints will give you points to collect, every time you complete a task. Keep them until the amount is enough to withdraw to your account.

GranPoints has many different tasks for you to complete and earn some points. With this variety, you can choose the task you prefer to do to earn some points to collect.

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How to Download

To start having an income from Grab Points, you need to download and install this money-earning application to your device. You can go to its official website at:

Alternatively, you can go to Google Play Store and download it for free. Or just simply clicking this link.

Now Start Earning

After you install the GrabPoints application, continue to make a registration. Either by email address or by your Facebook account.

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  • Fill in the necessary information needed and you will immediately earn some points.
  • After you get 600 points, you can start doing tasks. You can fill out a survey questionnaire, watch videos, play games, or do any other missions they asked you. You will earn some points with every completed task.
  • There are some promo codes you can use to share with friends and families. You will earn some additional points as well.

Payment System

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Every 4,000 points, you collected, can be converted into cash of USD3. It will be transferred to your PayPal account. Alternatively, it provides you a choice to convert those points into Bitcoin, steam wallet, and Karma Koin.

  • You can start the conversion process from the application. For PayPal, go to the ‘Profile’ menu, and type your PayPal email address. Then choose ‘Redeem’ by PayPal and fill in the amount. If everything is done, click the ‘Confirm’ button.
  • Or, you can choose to convert your points into Bitcoin. The minimum point needed is 8,500 points. Give them the information about your Bitcoin address, then click ‘Redeem’, continue to choose Bitcoin, and enter the amount.
  • The conversion is 17,000 points for 0.01 BTC. The minimum amount is 8.500 points for 0.005 BTC. Finally, click the ‘Confirm’ button.

Now that you know how to get some income from this money-earning application, why not start downloading the GrabPoints application and earn yourself some cash.