Money Making Application – Watching Videos and Get Cash: LikeIt Lite, Money-Earning Application

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A lot of people like to watch videos in their spare time. So, why not watch videos from a LikeIt Lite, as a money-earning application that will give their users some income?

You can enjoy watching many kinds of videos in this application and then earning some cash along the way. Moreover, users can get more coins by sharing videos and referral codes.

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Download, Install, and Share LikeIt Lite

Here is the first step to start earning. Download the application from Google Playstore by clicking this link. Then, continue to install it on the device the users use. Next, go make a registration for an account. A task is waiting for the new user to do it immediately.

On the upper side of the LikeIt Lite application, there is an option to invite a friend. There will be a certain code that users can copy and share with their friends and families. For each new user using that code, the user will get a reward and be eligible to get some cash around IDR230,000.

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Watching and Sharing Videos

Here is the way you can earn some income. Simply by watching videos in this LikeIt Lite application.

  • There are many kinds of videos that users can watch. Moreover, there is no limit on how many or what genre of videos the users watch.
  • The catch is that users have to fulfill a certain duration in watching videos. The users have to watch one video every 20 minutes. And then, continue to watch videos 10 times a day. Users will get some coins after watching each video.
  • Other than watching videos, users can share videos on their social media platforms. Users will get a reward of around 2,000 coins to collect by sharing videos.


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As with any other money-earning application, the user needs to collect enough coins to be able to cash in their earnings. The rate of conversion can be seen in the application. The system will transfer the money to the user’s bank or e-wallet account of their choice.

Love watching videos and earning some income along the way? Use LikeIt Lite, this money-earning application will be a fun way to get an income for you.

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