Money Making Application – Indo Today, Watch Videos and Get Cash Using this Money-Earning Application

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Claimed to be the fast money-earning application by its users, Indo Today is quite a famous application to use. As a news portal, its users can earn some cash simply by watching videos or reading some news on different topics.

Like any other money-earning application, this app also gives its users some tasks to do daily. After finishing the task, users can get some points. Collect all these points and then users can convert those points into cash.

Points Awarded Tasks

To collect some points, users will be given tasks to complete. But first thing first, users will have to download the application.

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Users can download it directly from Indo Today’s official website at Alternatively, users can go to Google Play Store or simply by clicking this link.

Right after being installed, users will be given directions on how to earn some cash by using the application. Like the list explained below:

1. Read Some News

As a news portal, this application has a lot of news articles to read. This should be an easy task if the user likes to follow updated news from around the world. Especially the news listed on the timeline.

The more news the users read, the more points they can get. Collect all those points in your balance to keep until you can withdraw them into cash.

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2. Watching Videos

There are a lot of videos users can watch in this money-earning application. It can give users some additional points after you finish watching them and give them a ‘Like.’

The videos have different topics and themes, users will be quite entertained by watching them. Quite a nice way to spend some time on your hand.

3. Inviting Friends

When you install the application, you will also get a referral code. Share this code with your friends and family. Ask them to input your referral code when they download the application. The user can get up to 50,000 points per person.

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How to Cash-In

When the user wants to withdraw the cash, they can follow the steps instructed on the application. It will convert the points into some cash and will transfer the amount earned to the user’s bank account or e-wallet.

This money-earning application gives tasks that are considered easy to complete. Especially the contents in Indo Today are considered quite up-to-date. Users can never lack content to read or videos to watch. Install this app and start earning money while entertaining yourself.