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Money Making Application – VidNow, the New Money-Earning Application for You to Try

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There is a new way to get extra cash nowadays, simply by watching some videos. VidNow is a new money-earning application that you can try.

VidNow is a new application in 2022 released by Kampai Tekno. It asks the users to watch some videos and do daily missions to get some coins that can be converted into cash.

Collecting Coins

There are a lot of ways to get the coins in this application, as explained below:

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1. Download and Make a Registration

As a money-earning application, it will give its users a balance of IDR20,000 simply by making registration. But of course, you have to download the application first.

For your information, some websites provided a link to download this application. But users can go to its official website at

2. Referral Program

By inviting your friends and families to make a registration in this money-earning application, you will get 300 coins or even some cash (value may change from time to time). Give them your referral code to input while registering.

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3. Finish the Mission

There are a few different missions for users to do and you have to do it until a certain parameter. Otherwise, you will not get the coins. Here are the missions you can do:

  • Watching videos. The catch is that you have to watch it until finished to get the coins.
  • Installing popular applications as recommended. It could be a game or just filling out some surveys.
  • Sharing videos or movies with friends and families.


To convert the coins collected into real money, you have to connect this money-earning application to the DANA e-wallet.

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When you want to convert the coins to withdraw them as cash, simply click the “Convert Now” buttons. The process will take around two days and the balance will be transferred directly to the user’s DANA e-wallet.

If you like to watch videos and share them, these missions of VidNow will be easy to do. The other missions could take some time to finish, but the tasks are still doable.

Since this money-earning application cannot be found in Google Play Store, go to the VidNow official website to download it. Then, users can start earning some cash right after.