Money Making Application – Candy Kaboom, The Fastest Money Making Game Similar to Candy Crush

Money Making Games – The Fastest Money Making Application , Fastest Money Making Game

Candy Kaboom is a puzzle game similar to the game Candy Crush. However, this is not an ordinary game because you can earn money playing this game. Also, the game allows you to get free headphones and shopping vouchers.

However, to get various rewards, you have to finish the game and do several missions. That’s why this money-making game is so popular. If you want to know more about this game, here is the review:

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How to Get Money Through This Game

To get money, you can exchange the diamonds that you get after playing the game. Then, how do you get diamonds through this money-making game? The following is the review:

1. Playing Games

From the start you play this game, you will get 1,500 diamonds which if you exchange for money, you get Rp.150. Even though it’s not much, if you play this game often, you will get more diamonds.

Playing this game is very easy. You need to match the same gems to destroy them. Play each level and the higher your level, the more diamonds you will get.

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2. Playing Spins

You can also generate additional rewards by spinning spins in this game. There are several rewards that you can get, such as cell phones, diamonds, and shopping vouchers. So, try your luck playing one of the features of this game.

3. Watch Ads

Besides being able to play games to make money, you can also watch ads. Even though it’s sometimes annoying, you can get diamonds you can exchange for money after watching ads.

Once you watch the ad to the end, you will get 1,500 rewards. In addition, ads will appear after you complete a certain level.

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How to Download Candy Kaboom

If you want to get free prizes by playing this game, you need to know how to download it. Below are the steps on how to download this game:

  • Open the AppStore or Google Play Store on your device.
  • Search for this game in the app market.
  • Then, click download. When it’s finished downloading, click install.
  • If the installation process is complete, you play this game immediately without registration.

That’s an interesting review of how to get money and other attractive prizes through Candy Kaboom. The higher the level you complete, the more cash and other attractive prizes you will get.