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Curious Cat is an application that generates dollars just by answering survey questions. So, every user of this application will receive survey submissions every day to fill out.

After the survey is completed, the user will earn points. Then, you can exchange these points for dollars. Check out the interesting reviews about this application, below:

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Tips and Tricks to Get Dollars from Curious Cat

You can earn extra money from anywhere and anytime through this application. If you want to earn dollars through this application, here are tips and tricks that you can try:

1. Fill Out Surveys

The first daily task is that you can complete several surveys offered by the application. To suit your interests and background, you can determine which survey you want to take part in.

Then, you will get 30 to 200 points when completing one survey. So, if you want to get a minimum balance of 100 points, it’s quite easy.

However, the surveys available in this application are not short, but quite in-depth category surveys. Thus, the more you fill out surveys, the more points you will get.

2. Fill Out The Poll

Besides filling out surveys, there are other missions that you can do. One of the missions available in this application is to fill out a poll.

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Every day you have to fill in the polls given by the application. The questions are varied and deep so you should be careful when working on them. Also, the number of points you will get varies.

You can make balance withdrawals when your balance points have reached 100 points. For every 100 points, you can exchange them at USD 1.

How to Download The App

This is the fastest money-making application that you can download for free. Here are some steps you can take to download this application:

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  • You can find this app on Play Store and App Store.
  • Then, download this free money-making application by clicking download and install.
  • If the installation process is complete, you can open this application to be able to complete its various missions.

That’s an interesting review about Curious Cat, an earning application that you can download for free. To get money, you have to get points after completing various missions available in this application.