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Money Making Application – BuzzBreak, Money Earning Application with a Simple Reading

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This application is an easy money-earning application for people who like to read. Do something you like in the BuzzBreak application and then earn some money? Never better, right?

This application is a place where people can read many kinds of articles, funny memes, and interesting videos. If you like reading, this should be a fun activity to do and moreover, you can earn some money while doing it.

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How to Start Earning Money

The first step of doing this is by downloading the application. You can go to its official website at Alternatively, you can download this app via Google Play Store by clicking this link.

As mentioned above, this money-earning application is not complicated. Here is what you have to do to start having an income from BuzzBreak:

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1. Reading Articles or Watching Videos

There are many interesting and funny articles, videos, or memes you can find in this application. Read one article at a time and stay for at least 30 seconds. After that, you can change to reading another article.

You will earn some points to collect, usually, around 5 points per article you read for more than 30 seconds. The more you read, the more points you collect.

2. Referral Code to Share

Another way to earn money is to share your referral code with friends and families. You will earn points each time they download this app to their smartphone using your code.

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Payment System

To cash in all the points you have earned from this money-earning application, it will ask you to collect points of minimum 2,000 points. So far, the exchange of points is $0.02 per 2,000 points. The more points you collect, the more money you will get.

BuzzBreak will transfer the amount of cash you earned through PayPal. You can also transfer the money to the e-wallet of your choice. Such as DANA, OVO, and more.

This BuzzBreak as a money-earning application gives you an easy way to earn an income. If you like to read, this task should be an easy and enjoyable experience. Download the app and start earning your money now.