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Lucky Popstar is a win-and-earn game that offers you an interesting experience. You can enjoy classic games inside this app and earn rewards upon winning.

So, if you want to know how to download this game and how to earn high rewards then you should read this article.

Get to Know Lucky Popstar and How It Works

It is known that Lucky Popstar is an online network that pays its users for playing games and earning points that later can be redeemed for cash.

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It is developed by LBL Games which is also the developer for TATA 2022 and Lucky 2024 which is also a money-making game.

The basic concept of this game is that players must play simple puzzles to gain benefits for every player. The more you play the more benefits you get and you can redeem it for cash.

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Visually, this game looks like Candy Crush. However, matching puzzles and going to the next level is not the only goal of this game but also to get passive income just like Lucky Money.

You can redeem your reward (red diamonds) for cash once you reach 100,000 diamonds.

How to Download

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You can download this game easily as long as you have an internet connection and space on your devices. Follow below instructions to install this game:

  • Go to the Play Store and type Lucky Popstar on the search bar.
  • Once you find it, click install and wait until the installation process is done.
  • After finding the game icon on the home screen, open it and make a register.
  • Register your bank account and connect the app to your e-wallet.
  • Open Settings on the app, and choose to register via Facebook.
  • Once the registration process is done, then you are ready to play and earn.

Conclusively, Lucky Popstar is a money-making game and you can gain your first 150 diamonds for free upon your first signing.