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Money Making Application – Island King, A Popular Money Making Game

Money Making Games – The Fastest Money Making Application , Fastest Money Making Game

Island King is a casual game made by developer Forever9 Games which is very popular and is trending on the Google Play Store. That’s because by playing this game, you can earn money.

You can cash out the money you get from this game to an e-wallet. Then, how do you get money from this game? Check out the full review below:

Tips and Tricks to Get Money on Island King

There are various ways you can get coins through this game and you can exchange these coins for cash. The following are tips and tricks that you can try:

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1. Playing Games

Open this game, and then click the hammer button to upgrade the buildings to increase the level. You can play this game consistently so that you level up and you can get prize money worth 10,000-50,000 coins.

2. Sharing Referral Code

Share the referral code to get an additional 10-20 coins. For every friend who joins this game using your referral code, you will get 1,000-5,000 coins.

3. Watch Ads

This game is not ad-free, but if you don’t skip ads you can get coins. By watching ads, you will earn 40 coins per video.

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4. Playing Spins

The last way to earn money from this game is to play “Spin”. The trick is to open the Cash menu, click the Lottery option next to the Withdraw option, and then do a spin.

One spin costs 500 coins. However, don’t worry, because the prizes you will get will be very comparable to the coins you spend.

How to Download This Game

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This is a popular game so you can get it easily. Here’s an easy way to download this game:

  • Download this game via PlayStore or AppStore.
  • Wait a few moments for this game to finish installing.
  • After the installation process is complete, you can immediately play this game.

Thus, Island King can allow you to earn cash if you play it often. If you have earned a lot of points, you can exchange them for cash and make withdrawals through the e-wallet application that you have.