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Island King, Candy Master, Fanluck Apk – MONEY Making Games – MONEY-Making Applications

1.Island King

Island King is one of the fun games that can be played while lying down and can make money. This application was trending among money hunters, where this application has been downloaded by approximately 10 million people on the PlayStore application. This earning game tells the story of a coin hunter who wants to build a dream island. Application users who play this game will get a free spin opportunity to earn coins. These coins are used to build the dream island.

Some of the missions that you have to do so that the players can get money is by upgrading the buildings on the island. When it reaches a certain level, a Cash option will appear to find out the amount of the balance that has been collected. With your ability to play consistently, the player’s level will increase rapidly. Then the balance you get will also be more and more.

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In addition, there are also daily missions that must be done if you want your balance to continue to grow. Like other games, you can use invite codes to get bigger commissions. There is also a short video watching mission where players will get 40 coins for each video watched to the end.

2. Candy Master

Currently, the Candy Master game can be downloaded via PlayStore for Android users. How to play in this application is very easy and similar to Candy Crush. You have to match the same candies in order to destroy them and earn money. In these games, maybe you will feel annoyed by the presence of advertisements that keep appearing. However, watching existing ads can also help you to increase your income.

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One of the conditions is that the advertisement must be watched to the end and cannot be skipped. There are also daily missions to complete to keep your balance growing. You can do daily check-ins, swipe cards and share invite codes with friends, family and relatives. If they enter your invitation code, the balance will automatically increase again.

One of its uniqueness is that if friends who use your invitation code watch the advertisements in the application, you will also get a commission. So don’t hesitate to invite as many friends to play Candy Master. There are two options for withdrawing balances from this game, namely using DANA or OVO. The conditions are easy, namely by connecting your e-wallet number with this application. Meanwhile, withdrawing money is enough by pressing the Withdraw Money option. The process of withdrawing the balance is fast and hassle-free.

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3. Funluck Apk

The three types of games that we recommend for you are Funluck Apk. This game application requires its users to play games in the application in order to get rewards. Meanwhile, the rewards that are obtained after successfully winning games can be exchanged for e-wallet balances. You can also use it to buy snacks or save it. Before playing games, of course you have to download and register first.

After you complete the registration, you will get a number of points. Playing games will also give you more additional points. You can also earn points by inviting as many friends as you like using the referral code. Isn’t it easy to play with the Funluck Apk application? This money-making game cannot be downloaded through the Play Store or App Store. You have to visit the official site to be able to get this game.

So far, there has been no indication this game is a scam or fraud. Because, neither downloading nor playing games on Funluck Apk costs anything at all. The way to withdraw funds is fast and easy. Good luck….!!!