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The Fastest MONEY Making Games – MONEY Earning Gemes, Higgs Domino, Golden Town

1. Higgs Domino

Higgs Domino is one of the easiest ways to earn money playing games on your mobile. In this game, players must collect chips to be exchanged into rupiah balances. The easiest way to get chips is to log in regularly every day. Many types of games in this Higgs Domino application. Play and win every game in it, then you will get more chips. Next, Higgs Domino will provide additional chips to players who connect the application with a Facebook account.

There are times when Higgs Domino distributes vouchers that can be won by the players to be exchanged for a number of chips. The concept of distributing these vouchers is whoever is fast, he who gets. You have to open this application regularly so you don’t miss the voucher. You can also buy and sell chips or coins that are owned by other players. Buying and selling these chips can only be done if you are already registered as a VIP member at Higgs Domino. However, because there are too many agents who sell chips, you have to find a way to be able to sell these chips. You can also cash out chips or coins from this money-making game in the form of an e-wallet balance or a savings account. You don’t have to wait long to be able to use the money you get from playing this game.

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2. Golden Town

Golden Town is classified as a fun game and can also help you earn extra money and income. This application is a money-making game application where you can play against enemies and mining for treasure. For you fans of adventure games, this game is the right choice. You will be assigned to rebuild and beautify a city that has been abandoned. The missions given include building infrastructure, roads and housing. In this game you will be given land that can be used to grow various kinds of vegetables. The crops you earn can be sold so you can earn more coins. These coins will later be converted into money which will be transferred directly to your account.

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Next, you will also be given land that can be used to grow various kinds of vegetables. The crops you earn can be sold so you can earn more coins. These coins will later be converted into money that is transferred via a digital wallet. You can also get coins by attacking the opponent’s city or building a gold mine. In this game, you can also trade crypto currency starting from $0.01. This game can be very addictive for the players. Therefore, playing Golden Town must be done wisely. Don’t lose track of time and neglect obligations just to keep playing games.

3. Play Play

One of the recommended money-making games is Play Play. There are many games that can be played from this application, so Play Play is suitable for playing in your spare time. Examples of games available are Domino, Club Pro and so on. Later after you successfully complete each game, you will receive a number of coins. Apart from that, you can also earn coins by completing the available daily tasks. For those of you who check-in every day, there will be quite a lot of additional coins.

In this application there are also many ads. Ads that are watched to the end will reward you in the form of additional coins. Collect as many coins as possible to be exchanged into e-wallet balances. The highest number of coins collected is 50,000 coins which can be obtained by inviting as many friends as possible. Invite friends to play Play Play using your invite code. Every 10,000 coins you get, the value is equivalent to IDR 500. The number of coins can be exchanged into money sent via the DANA account number. The transfer process from the Play Play application to DANA is fairly fast, it only takes a few minutes. The longest is 3 hours until the funds disbursement process is successful.

4. Candy Kaboom

A proven money-making game that pays in 2022 is Candy Kaboom. This application has been around since 2021 and still exists today. The way to play is very easy, namely by matching gems in a line to be destroyed. A plus point of this application is that you don’t need to register to be able to play games in this application. Apart from getting prizes in the form of money, players also get the opportunity to win other prizes in the form of shopping vouchers or cellphones.

In every game you play, you will get 150 to 450,000 diamonds. These diamonds can be exchanged for cash and sent to your digital wallet. It can be said that the number of diamond conversions into rupiah in this application is quite small. When you collect 15,000 diamonds, you will earn IDR 150. This game is only suitable for earning additional money, not to replace the main job. In 2022, those are 11 recommendations for the best and fastest money-making games. All of this is proven to pay and does not require players to make a deposit.

5. ClipClaps

The next application that is included in the list as a money-making game application is ClipClaps. This application allows users to play exciting games and get money after successfully playing the games in it. There are lots of mini games that can be played including Lucky Winner, Lucky Stratch, Lucky Wheel and various content organized by the ClipClaps application. Inviting friends using your invitation code can also provide additional income.

Not only playing games, you can also become a creator by uploading videos on the ClipClaps application. You can earn money by collecting as many claps as you can. You also have the opportunity to get popularity income if the uploaded video is liked by many application users. The claps you get will enter the app as coins. These collected coins will be converted into rupiah and can be withdrawn to your digital wallet account. The withdrawal method is fairly easy, not long-winded and the process is fast. Have a nice play…!!!