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Commanders O-Line Depth ‘Solid,’ Says Coach Ron Rivera

Ron Rivera is excited about the Washington Commanders offensive line and the depth it provides.

“I think the play of offensive line has been solid,” coach Ron Rivera said. “Sure they made some mistakes, but again, they’re learning a whole new system and they’re going to have mistakes and you’re talking about a defense that’s, you know, again, way ahead in terms of just what they do and knowing what to do and how to do things.” The uncertainty of the team’s starting lineup is giving new opportunities for players like Saahdiq Charles, Chris Paul and Sam Cosmi, who had different roles a year ago for Washington. It also gives opportunity for those like Ricky Stromberg and Braeden Daniels, who had high draft picks used on them in this year’s draft. And then there’s Andrew Wylie and Nick Gates, two free agents who could also make an impact.

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“Well, I think with the 16 guys we got right now or 17 guys we have right now, it’s a good group,” Rivera said. “I mean, I think the depth, the young depth is very good. We’re a young football team this year. We really are and we expect those guys to be, you know, in development mode and we’re expecting certain guys that get opportunities to step up and play really well.”

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Montez Sweat has the right mindset going into a contract year

Young and Sweat are extremely close. They spent most of this offseason working out together, and Young brought Sweat with him to Ohio State recently to meet with Young’s former college defensive line coach, Larry Johnson.

What did Sweat pick up during his time with Johnson ?

“Just honing in on some of the techniques from Coach Larry Johnson,” Sweat said. “He was actually great. We brought some of the things that we did in Ohio back out here just for pre-practice and stuff like that we do, so yeah, it was great. It was a great experience.” If Sweat feels any pressure in 2023, he’s not showing it. Through four NFL seasons, Sweat has 29 career sacks. He’s been durable —outside of 2021 when he broke a jaw and missed time due to a family tragedy —playing in every game in three of his four seasons. The one knock on Sweat from outsiders is he needs more sacks. Washington isn’t disappointed in Sweat, reportedly wanting to lock him into an extension. However, in order to get paid elite money, stats do matter.

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