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Money Making Application – Baca Plus, Money-Earning Application Simply by Reading

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If you like to read and follow the news, this money-earning application will be your easiest way to get some cash. Baca Plus is full of many kinds of articles and even updated news. Reading means earning cash. Nice, right?

Nowadays, people prefer to be able to do many things with their smartphones. Including reading news or any interesting articles on many different topics. Whether for entertainment purposes or simply for killing time. So why not earn money as well?

How to Download

Your first step to earning money is by downloading this application. Go to Google Playstore to download it free, or simply by clicking this link.

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After you install this app to your smartphone, continue the process by making an account. You can register via email or your Facebook account.

How to Earn Money from Baca Plus

There are a few ways for you to earn some money through this money-earning application, Baca Plus. Here is the list of what activities you can do:

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  • Make an Account. After you have an account, this app will give you IDR1,000 in cash. You can add this amount by reading the many articles they provided.
  • Reading Articles. You can choose to read some news, updated news, informative articles, or even funny stories for your entertainment. Each time you read, the app will give you some coins. Keep reading as much as you like. You will see that your coins will be increasing.
  • Daily Check-In. This simple task can also earn you some coins to collect. But do it daily, so the app can count the consecutive days you collect.
  • Referrals. By referring this application to your friends and family using your referral code, you can earn some coins as well.
  • There is a reward you can get every three hours. You can even get 50 coins at once if you are lucky enough to get it.


You do not have to worry, this app will transfer you the money you earned when you ask for it. To make it easier, choose any e-wallet you want. The payment will be transferred to your e-wallet balance.

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As a money-earning application, Baca Plus is providing an easy way to have an income. Especially if you like to read, then this task will be enjoyable. Updating some news, getting more information, and earning money along the way. Go download it now and start earning some cash.