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Money Making Application – Why My Laptop Running so Slow? Here’s The Answer

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Have you ever asked why my laptop running so slow? Basically, there are many reasons why a laptop is slow, starting from hard disk problems, and viruses, to RAM capacity.

Therefore, you need to know the cause of your laptop running slowly. This will make it easier for you to fix it. The following are some of the reasons why laptops are slow:

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1. You Are Out of Memory

You have to find out if the RAM that your laptop has can accommodate your needs. For example, 2-4 GB of RAM can only be used to perform basic tasks, such as surfing the web and processing data.

If you need a laptop that can work intensively on graphics or do multitasking programs, you need at least 8 GB of RAM.

2. Your Laptop Has a Virus

One of the reasons why my laptop running so slow is because of the malware that infects it. This is because malware can damage laptop processes and slow down everything on your laptop. To fix this problem, you have to run virus and malware scans.

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3. Your hard Drive is Full

Too much data is also one of the factors that cause the laptop to slow down. When the hard drive has 95 percent storage, the laptop will be slow. To overcome this, you can do the hard disk defragmentation process.

4. You Have Too Many Startup Programs

The more applications that run during the start-up process, the RAM will work harder. To be able to overcome this condition, you only need to turn off several start-up programs that are running by default on the laptop.

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5. You Need to Update Your Operating System

For both Windows and macOS laptop users, you still need to update the operating system regularly. If you rarely update your OS, then you may be missing out on new software patches or driver updates.

This review can answer the question, why my laptop running so slow. If you find the exact reason why your laptop can be slow, it will be easier for you to fix your laptop.