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Money Making Application – Google Opinion Rewards, Money-Earning Application by Fill Out Surveys

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Many money-earning applications on the Internet offer some ways to get an income by doing missions or tasks. However, Google Opinion Rewards has another way to get its users some rewards.

Usually, the money-earning application will ask their users to watch videos, play games, fill out questionnaires, and things like that. This application, on the other hand, asks its users to fill out some surveys.

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How to Join In

To start earning some rewards, users can go to Google Play Store or App Store and download this application. Or you can simply download it through this link.

Continue to install it to your device and then make a registration. Afterward, users can directly start to fill out some surveys to start earning points.

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Advantages of Google Opinion Rewards

As advertised by Google, this money-earning application can give you some income only by filling out some surveys. You can stay at home and earn money just by giving some honest answers to the survey.

  • The questions in the survey can vary in topic. It could be about tourism destinations, traveling, or even home appliances.
  • Complete the survey honestly.
  • You will get points to collect by the end of the survey (at the validation page).

Payment System

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All the points you collected from this survey can then be converted into some form of payment. The options are there for users to choose from:

  • Discount on purchasing Online Books.
  • Purchasing application license.
  • Cash to be transferred to the user account.

For Android users, the cash payment will be transferred to their Google Play account. However, for iOS users, the payment will be transferred to their PayPal account. The currency is US Dollars.

There are plenty of surveys to fill out. Users can get busy doing this task in their spare time. It is an easy thing to do and users can get some income along the way.

This money-earning application is quite booming lately, maybe because Google Opinion Rewards is a legitimate institution that users can trust. So, why not do the same and get some rewards from home?