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Money Making Application – Digital Bank, the New Era of Banking System

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Due to the advancement of technology, even banking started to change its system. Lately, there is a new trend that is called digital bank. It was claimed to be even more practical and faster than mobile banking.

The operation of this digital banking is fully online for almost all banking services. Such as opening an account, credit proposal, administrative services, and even Customer Service assistance. Everything is done by an online system.

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Here are the top 4 digital bank in Indonesia that will give the best service, a dependable reputation, and expertise in their field.

1. Blu by BCA Digital Bank

By the list of the Global Top 100 Digital Bank Ranking 2022, Blu, the product of BCA Bank is listed as number 65. This means BCA Blu is the best digital banking in Indonesia. The number of Blu’s customers has already reached 650,000 people.

Blu has the full support of BCA Bank as an institution. That is why Blu has a lot of services to assist its customers in doing their daily transaction fully online. Even from opening an account with no deposit. Customers just need to download the application, either from Google Play Store, App Store, or BCA official website.

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2. Jenius by BTPN

The next is Jenius by BTPN. Also supported by the conventional bank system, Jenius provides a complete service for their online customer. The first deposit is IDR 500,000. Customers can download the application via Google Playstore, App Store, or from

3. TMRW by UOB Indonesia

Established in 2020, TMRW is number 80 on the list of Global Top 100 Digital Banks. TMRW is choosing the market of gen Z and millennial young people. This is done by providing many practical features and fully online.

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It even connected with some e-commerce platforms to simplify online transactions for its customers. No deposit is needed for opening a TMRW account. Just download the application via Google Playstore, App Store, or the official website at

4. LINE Bank by KEB Hana

Number 86 on the list of the Global Top 100 Digital Banks, the customer also does not need any deposit to open an account. Just download the application via, or go to Google Playstore or App Store. LINE Bank also provides a completely online service supported by KEB Hana’s strong conventional bank.

Even though Digital bank operates in a fully online system, their services for their customers are still considered to be good. With the support of their main conventional bank, customers will get their best service even though the transaction is not face-to-face.***