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Money Making Application – Money-Earning Application CashPop, Have Fun and Get Cash

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A smartphone is usually a device most people use nowadays to enjoy their spare time. This money-earning application uses this trend to give an income to their users. CashPop will reward its users while they are having fun.

Whether chatting with friends, browsing the Internet, listening to some music, playing games, watching videos, or accessing their social media accounts. People like to do most of that in their spare time, so why not use them to earn money as well.

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Joining In

The first step is to download this CashPop application. Go to Google Playstore to download it free, or simply by clicking this link. Then install and register to make an account. Users can directly start collecting points right after they make an account.

Tasks to Do

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As mentioned above, there are many tasks users can do to earn some points. Here is the list of tasks you can do:

  • Just follow the suggested mission to complete. Users can get points after they complete the missions. The more missions are done, the more points users can collect.
  • Additional points are also available when users invite some friends and families to join in this application.
  • Another way to earn points is by joining an event. The app will give away many rewards at these events. Users need to see the announcement on the app so they will not lose a chance to join and get some reward.

Cashing In

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There are minimum points collected if users want to convert them to cash-in. For 300,000 points the conversion will be IDR30,000. For 500,000 points, the conversion is IDR50,000.

The money can be transferred into many forms as the user chooses. It can be internet quota, e-wallet balance, shopping voucher, game voucher, food, or even movie tickets. Just choose the form of payment they like, and this app will process it for them.

Using this money-earning application to enjoy some spare time and get cash is a fun thing to do. CashPop provides a lot of fun tasks to do and users can earn money while doing them. Go try it and start getting some income.