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Money Making Application – TV-TWO, Watching Videos Get Rewards, Money-Earning Application in Cryptocurrency

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A bit different from its counterparts, TV-TWO gives rewards to its users in the form of cryptocurrency. This money-earning application is easy to operate and the rewards are interesting.

Released in 2018, this application existed in the form of a blockchain. Using machine learning technology and computer vision to distribute videos to its users. The rewards will be in Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH).

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How to Start

To start earning rewards from this money-earning application, users can download the TV-TWO application. Either from its official website at, you can go to Google Play Store, or simply by just clicking this link.

As soon as the application is installed, users can start watching YouTube videos to start collecting points. There is no need to register or make an account because its system will automatically register each device.

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Collecting Points

To start collecting points, users need to complete some tasks. Here is the list of tasks to do:

  • Choose YouTube videos to watch from the TV-TWP application. Keep watching the recommended videos to collect some points. But be aware, that users cannot use any bot or many different devices at once to watch videos.
  • Users are also not allowed to use VPN services to conceal their identity. Its system will detect any wrongdoing through automatic and manual review. It can block the account without payment.

This money-earning application is working together with 20th Century Fox Germany to provide many videos that users can watch. That way, users will always have many videos to watch and can keep collecting coins.

The system will not limit the number of videos the users watch. So, users can choose any video they like as much as they want. Moreover, they can make a recommendation to friends and families as well.

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Payment System

As mentioned above, the payment or rewards for users will be in the form of cryptocurrencies. Either Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH). The exchange value will be depending on the market price at the time the user asks for a payout.

  • Open the “Request Payout” menu in the application, and enter the email address and the Ethereum wallet. The transfer process will take around 5 days.
  • The minimum points the user needs for asking for a payout are 100,000 points. It will be converted into 100 TTV and then can be converted into cryptocurrencies.

Using this money-earning application to get rewards is not that difficult. TV-TWO will provide many interesting videos to watch so its users will not get bored. Why not try it now and start getting some crypto investment?