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Money Making Application – Knowing The Ways Earning App, Caping, Installation Tips

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Caping is a magazine app which is used to read and know the news on what is happening in this world. Besides, you can get many benefits like money from the related app.

How To Earn More Money on Caping

Reading is the main activity you may do in this app. The more you read the news or magazine, the more money you can earn from the app.

Caping will provide much hot news and exciting articles that will never bore you. Thus, you can earn more money in fun ways.

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The Installation Tips of Caping

The following paragraph will show you the installation tips through this app, making it easier to download and use the app on your device.

1. Considering The Version Of The App

Caping is one of the best apps, which is made for some versions. This app has four versions with different performance, look, features, and others.

If you want to download and install the app without difficulties, you need to consider the suitable version of the app for your device. You must ensure that your device is ideal for the app you want to install.

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2. Install The Old Version

The new version of this app is made for the 5+ android version. If you have a lower android version, you need to install the old version of this app to avoid problems after the installation.

However, the old version will be more suitable to the old android version. Besides, the old version has excellent features that are even less great than the new version of the app.

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3. Download and Install from the Play Store

Downloading the app from another platform except the play store is possible. However, you will need to consider whether the app you downloaded is safe for your device. Thus, you should download and install the app from the play store only.

That’s all the information through installation tips of Caping. You can install and enjoy the news or magazine in the app without difficulties.