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Coldplay Concert Tickets – How to Buy Coldplay Concert Tickets , How to Get Coldplay Concert Tickets

When is the Coldplay Concert in Jakarta ?

Recently, social media has been shocked by the news that Coldplay will be holding a concert in Indonesia. It’s no longer news, Instagram PK Entertainment has confirmed that the British rock band will indeed be having a concert in Indonesia.
“Hello Indonesia, how are you? We are very happy to announce that we will be holding a concert in Indonesia,” said the vocalist, Chris Martin, quoted by Dar і secHot. According to information that has spread throughout the world, the Colplay Concert in Jakarta will be held on November 15, 2023.

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How to Get Coldplay Concert Tickets

So, how do we get tickets for the concert? To buy Coldplay concert tickets, we must visit the official online site and actually provide official concert tickets too. Because in general, every time there is an opportunity like this, there are many fraudulent brokers or certain individuals who take advantage of the situation to reap rupiah coffers in a bad way. Therefore, you should not be deceived. The first step that must be taken. You must enter the official coldplayinginjakаkаrtа.com page, select the Buy Publication on-Sаlе Tickets button. You will be directed to a waiting area with information on how many people are waiting in front of you and how long after waiting. Next, you just have to choose a category according to availability. Previously, during the BCA Presale, one buyer was required to only buy a maximum of 4 tickets in the same category.

How to buy Coldplay concert tickets November 15, 2023

– Visit the official ticket sales link at http://coldplayinjakartа.com/
– Select menu “Tickets”
– Select “Buy Public On-Sаlе Tісkеtѕ” button
– Select the desired category and number of tickets
– Click “Agree & Continue” after reading in detail the terms and conditions that apply
– Then fill in the complete personal data
– Select the desired payment method
– Then check your e-mail to receive an order confirmation
– Please note that the E-Ticket will be sent directly to the email address registered when purchasing the ticket seven days before the concert date. Each ticket transaction is also limited to a maximum of four tickets in one e-mail address and one telephone number in one transaction.

Coldplay Concert ticket prices

Tickets for the Coldplay concert at Gelora Bung Karno Jakarta will be divided into several categories. The prices also vary, starting from IDR 800 thousand to IDR 11 million, following is a list of Coldplay Jakarta 2023 concert ticket prices:

– Ultimate Experience: IDR 11,000,000
– My Universe (Festival): IDR IDR 5,700,000
– Cat 1 (Numbered Seating): IDR 5,000,000
– Festivals (Free Standing): IDR 3,500,000
– Cat 2 (Numbered Seating): IDR 4,000,000
– Cat 3 (Numbered Seating): IDR 3,250,000
– Cat 4 (Numbered Seating): IDR 2,500,000
– Cat 5 (Numbered Seating): IDR 1,750,000
– Cat 6 (Numbered Seating): IDR 1,250,000
– Cat 7 (Numbered Seating): IDR 1,250,000 (Restricted View)
– Cat 8 (Numbered Seating): IDR 800,000 (Restricted View)

Conditions for buying Coldplay concert tickets

Quoted from the page, the following are the conditions for purchasing Coldplay concert tickets:

– Tickets can only be purchased through and are only used to enter the Coldplay Music of the Spheres World Tour Jakarta concert.

– The name of the ticket must match the identity card, such as KK/KTP/SIM/Passport. Tickets cannot be changed or modified after the purchase has been made.

– One ticket is valid for one ticket holder and for one entry to the event.

– By purchasing a Coldplay Music of the Spheres World Tour Jakarta concert ticket, you have agreed to the collection, storage and limited use of your personal data for Coldplay concert purposes y Music of the Spheres World Tour Jakarta

– Each ticket purchase is a maximum of 4 tickets, and 1 email address and 1 telephone number.
Seat numbers are available in the order confirmation which will be obtained after payment has been completed.

– There is a limited number of quotas available for wheelchairs by attaching a doctor’s certificate from the clinic or hospital.

– E-Ticket sent to the email address that was registered when purchasing the ticket 7 days before the concert date. Purchase of more than 1 ticket, make sure it comes together with the registered ticket buyer

– Must occupy a seat or position determined by the organizer according to the category of ticket purchased.

– Tickets are sold directly from the organizers to ticket buyers. Every ticket purchased by businesses or ticket traders with the aim of reselling tickets and/or marketing and promotional purposes is a violation of the terms and conditions of the seller n this ticket can therefore be considered invalid and can be cancelled.

– Tickets purchased from third party websites and unauthorized resellers such as Viagogo, Stubhub, tiketX, thekaryll etc. are the personal responsibility and risk of the ticket purchaser

– Tickets cannot be used for commercial purposes, including but not limited to prizes, competitions, contests or sweepstakes. Tickets sold or used in violation of these requirements may be canceled without a refund, and ticket holders will be refused entry into the event area without exception. The organizer is not responsible for the negligence of the Ticket Buyer which results in the Ticket falling into the hands of another person and being used as an entry sign, thus eliminating the h ak Ticket Buyers to enter the event area.

– Tickets that have been sold are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.
If there is a concert cancellation, the ticket will be returned according to the Organizer’s provisions. Refunds for ticket prices do not include administration fees, bank service fees, and personal costs for ticket buyers (eg travel costs, accommodation costs, etc.)

– The ticket holder grants rights to event organizers and sponsors to record videos and images, either in part or all, on any channel/platform, including but not limited to magazines, media he social, and TV channels to broadcast in any media around the world, for advertising, publicity and promotion related to the concert without further approval from the ticket holder.

– Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian aged 18 or older, and are not allowed entry into the Festival section. Children under the age of 6 are not allowed to enter the event area.

– Pregnant women are not allowed to watch in the My Universe and Festival areas, and are required to buy tickets in the seated category.

– Each ticket holder who comes to the event area is responsible for his own safety, health and personal security.

Tips for Winning Coldplay Concert Ticket War

Seeing the enthusiasm of ticket buyers during the PreSale, don’t be surprised if today’s ticket war will also be fierce. Prepare yourself before facing buying tickets later. There are several tips for opening the opportunity to get tickets later. Here’s the summary:

– Ticket Purchase Information

Make sure you have the information needed for the purchase. Starting from the ticket purchase link, payment information to ticket prices.

– Don’t Use Wifi

The internet network plays an important role in the ticket war. Because there will be many people who enter the ticket buying website, make sure the internet network used is good and without problems. One thing to note is don’t use Wifi, use mobile data because the signal is more stable.

– Use Gadget Backup

Aim all the gadgets that are owned for the war later. That way you can increase the chances of buying tickets.

– Already Standby Before War

You have to prepare yourself 15-30 minutes before buying a ticket, meaning 09.30-09.45. So it won’t be late to enter the purchase website at 10:00 WIB later.

– Confirm Ticket Category

Before the war, it’s good to have determined which category to buy. Carefully read the plans and prices for each category released by the promoter, then decide where to buy later.

– Prepare Self Identity

Ticket purchases usually require personal identification information. Prepare the data needed and if necessary, write it down in advance to make it easier to buy later.

– Direct Pay

When you manage to get a ticket, you will be directed to the payment page. Prepare everything including money according to the number of tickets purchased. Lastly.. Enjoy the Music Concert that millions of people in Indonesia have been waiting for…!!!