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Bank Jago is a popular digital bank application that offers many conveniences for its customers. As a digital bank, this application often provides rewards for its customers, one of which is cash.

But if you want to get a reward, make sure you have downloaded this application and have also registered an account. The following is a review of money-making applications:

Tips and Tricks to Get Extra Money on the Jago Application

You can save and get additional money through this application. Then, how do you get extra money through this application? The following is the review:

1. Top Up The Balance

This application offers IDR 50,000 cashback for new customers who top-up their balances. However, make sure you have downloaded this money-making application and have also registered an account.

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When you have registered your account, you can immediately top up your balance to get a reward. However, make sure you top up your balance in this application with a minimum of IDR 100,000 to get an IDR 50,000 reward.

You must have this minimum balance, until the end of the cashback program offer period. Cashback rewards will be sent within a maximum of 7 days after the period ends.

2. Sharing Referral Code

After you create an account, you will get a referral code. Click the Start Invite Now link then enter the active mobile number registered in the application account.

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In addition, you will get a referral link and save it to share. Then, you will get an additional balance of IDR 25,000 if a new customer registers by entering your referral link.

It’s not only you who uses the referral link, new registrants will also get the same additional balance. That means both new registrants and you will get the same benefits.

How to Download This Application

This is a popular money-making digital bank application so you will easily find it in the app market. Here’s how to download this application:

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  • You can find this application in the app market.
  • If you have found this application, click download and install.
  • After the installation process is complete, you can access this application.

That’s an interesting review about the Jago application, a digital bank that allows you to earn extra money. So, while saving, you can also get an additional balance through this application.