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Back pain – Back Pain Medication – How to Treat Back Pain

Pain in the lower back, or on one side of the waist or both, is a symptom of low back pain, which can be serious if ignored. Many wonder, what causes back pain? So what’s the solution?

So, to answer this question, quoted from the Alodok Health page, revealed that back pain is often caused by wrong posture, muscle injuries, lifting heavy objects, and making repetitive movements.

Not only that, other causes can occur due to disorders of the kidney organs, infections, or problems with the spine. Judging from, there are several symptoms of low back pain that often occur, such as the following.

You feel pain that radiates from your waist down your buttocks to your feet. The waist feels stabbed, blistered, and stiff. Pain that increases if you sit for a long time or at night. There are parts of the body that are difficult to move because of back pain. The pain is often worse at night and when sitting for long periods. Back pain, especially when lifting heavy objects, walking and bending. Numbness or weakness in the extremity at the location of the pinched nerve.

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In mild symptoms, patients experience pain that only lasts a few days or a few weeks. However, in some cases there are those who feel more than three months. In general, patients with more severe symptoms may have difficulty urinating, defecating, numbness, and difficulty walking. If you experience something like this, you should immediately contact your doctor.

Back pain can still be overcome in several ways, such as the following.

1. Perseverance in activities

Regular exercise can prevent and reduce back pain. Just do regular exercise for at least 20 minutes every day, because it can help improve health from an early age. However, in the early stages, avoid forcing yourself directly by forcing yourself in the early stages. The important thing is to get used to the body first in the first week, then in the second week and then start intense training.

You can do various types of exercise, from light exercise such as yoga, swimming or Pilates to cycling. If you are used to it, you can combine it with a more intense type of exercise. In this way, you can not only overcome back pain, but also make your body healthier, get rid of stubborn body fat, and help strengthen your waist muscles.

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2. Reduce the lifting load

Another factor that makes you suffer from lower back pain is the habit of lifting excessive weights. Avoid lifting excessive weights, especially if they exceed the recommended capacity. In addition, pay attention to the correct weightlifting position. The trick is to squat first, not bend over.

3. Maintain ideal body weight

To prevent excessive stress on the spine, try to eat an adequate amount of a balanced diet. Unknowingly, being overweight is one of the triggers for pain.

4. Eat adequate amounts of calcium and vitamins

Lack of a healthy diet may be another reason why you still have low back pain. Be sure to eat foods rich in calcium and vitamin D regularly, which can strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis. Several types of natural foods contain calcium and vitamin D, including eggs, almonds, yogurt, milk, and broccoli.

5. waist pressure

To effectively reduce inflammation and back pain, you can compress back pain. Alternate cold and hot compresses, especially during the first week of symptoms.

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6. Avoid lying for a long time

For many people, lying in bed dominates their daily activities. If you are one of them, try to move more so as not to stiffen the muscles. However, if back pain gets worse, Ruppers can lie down for a while.

7. Stretching

Did you know that the cause of pain that occurs is due to muscle tension. The fix is to do regular stretching exercises. However, avoid pushing yourself while stretching. Just do it slowly.

8. Healthy diet

The next way to deal with back pain is to lose weight in a healthy way. Often the cause, weight gain, is the primary cause of the pain. However, make sure you eat healthy food, okay!

9. Eat fruit

Based on Everyday Health, a dietitian from the US, Dana Geene, MS, RD, LDN, said eating fruits and vegetables can help with back pain. This is due to the presence of anti-inflammatory substances that can relieve inflammation in the joints and muscles of humans.

Then what foods can treat back pain? You can eat cherries, bananas, pomegranates, pineapples and red grapes.