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Artificial intelligence or AI is really being hype lately, it is even predicted that it will dominate technology in the future. GPT chat is one of the most widely used AI services today, even in the crypto world. What is GPT Chat, how does it work and what are the benefits? Check out the full details in the following article!

What is GPT Chat?

Chat GPT or Generative Pre-training Transformer is an artificial intelligence whose way of working uses a conversational format. You can ask this type of AI a question and it will automatically get an answer in no time.

This service is claimed to be able to perform various kinds of tasks in a short time.

Some examples of using the GPT Chat are to help answer math questions, make jokes, and present excel formulas. The GPT chat also has the ability to correct its own answers, if it feels that the answers given are not appropriate.

There are several alternative answers provided in one question or keyword. You can get the best answer if you enter the right keywords or “prompts”.

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GPT Chat function

So what’s the point of GPT chat? Of course there are many and varied, some of the GPT Chat functions include:

1. Expand the Conversation

How GPT Chat works to broaden the conversation by starting from a new topic automatically.

2. Information Providers

You can also find various information about the meaning of words to terms in the GPT Chat. Users can ask questions about the topic to get accurate answers.

3. Giving Advice

Advice on certain outfits, places to eat, to the latest movies can also be provided by GPT Chat. This service will provide and consider the preferences and needs of its users.

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4. Helping Customer Service

Companies can answer customer questions quickly by using GPT Chat, both in template and personalization form. Of course this is very useful for improving customer service so that it can be more optimal.

5. Increase Productivity

Tasks can be completed more quickly and accurately so that productivity can increase. The technology from GPT Chat can help users manage their daily schedule, to remind you of the tasks you have to do on certain days. The key is to use the appropriate “prompts” or commands to support your activity.

6. Helping Education

For teachers, Chat GPT can help answer the questions raised by their students. Faster support for students through a variety of available information can help teachers provide optimal service

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Pros and Cons of GPT Chat

Developed by OpenAI, GPT Chat is an emerging technology that has a ton of uses. Even so, the GPT Chat still needs improvement. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of GPT chat are:

Pros of GPT Chat

1. Answer Faster

You can get answers in no time with these AI products. The nature of this artificial intelligence is responsive, reliable in terms of speed of results.

2. Have a Human-Friendly Diction

Answers presented in a human-friendly language style are certainly easier to understand. GPT chat has the ability to present answers in diction that is easy for humans to understand. Not just a rigid ‘robot’ language.

3. Sensitive to Query Customization

GPT chat can maximize answers because it is sensitive to query adjustments. You can give different questions but the meaning remains the same. The goal is that this artificial intelligence is more optimal in understanding the questions and providing answers.

Disadvantages of GPT Chat

1. No Truth Censor

This AI product only works based on human input. Automatically, the answers given are based on the results of the work. You should not take this answer from AI as the basis completely, without using confirmation from other reliable sources.

2. Must be continuously updated

Some questions may not be answered by this GPT Chat. This can happen because some queries have not been entered yet.

3. Not Understanding Reality

The suggested answers from GPT Chat are sometimes lacking contextual to what you want. For example, you ask about how to fix a broken laptop. Maybe, the answer is only based on the existing input, so it is very general in nature and cannot answer your needs.

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