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Heaven on Earth – Indonesian Tourism You Must Visit, Olx

Tourism in Indonesia is already famous for its amazing natural beauty. Not only domestic tourists, Indonesia is also a favorite holiday destination for foreign tourists, some Hollywood stars even enjoy the beauty of Indonesian tourism.

The attraction of Indonesia lies not only in its natural beauty, but also in its unique culture that has existed since ancient times. Studying the indigenous culture of Indonesia with its various tribes and traditions is enough to attract tourists from all over the world.

There are many tourist recommendations in Indonesia that you can visit, ranging from highland tours to tours with beautiful oceans.

Do you want to visit the famous Indonesian tour in the eyes of the world? Well, here are some recommendations, including:

1. Labuan Bajo, NTT ( Labuan Bajo )

Labuan Bajo is one of the tourist attractions in Indonesia that most people dream of. This destination offers a variety of complete and enchanting cruise packages, from sea destinations to land destinations.

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2. Raja Ampat, West Papua ( Raja Ampat )

Friends must be familiar with Indonesian tourism in this regard. The reason is that the tourist attraction Raja Ampat is not only in demand by local tourists, but also has attracted the hearts of tourists from different parts of the world. This is because Raja Ampat is also known as the hidden ‘paradise’ in eastern Indonesia.

3. Derawan Islands, East Kalimantan ( Kepulauan Derawan )

If Papua has a hidden paradise in Raja Ampat, then East Kalimantan actually has a hidden paradise in the Derawan Islands. The beauty of Derawan Island is not only limited to the white sand beaches and clear sea water, but it is an underwater destination that is no less magical.

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Derawan Islands is one of the tours in Indonesia that offers an interesting experience for tourists who want to snorkel or snorkel because they will see jellyfish in the fresh waters of Kakaban Island. In addition, there is also the very beautiful Lake Labuan Cermin, as well as other diving destinations to see whale sharks.

4. Borobudur Temple, Central Java ( Candi Borobudur )

Borobudur Temple is one of the cultural heritage which is the pride of the Indonesian people. Unlike tourism in Indonesia that was mentioned earlier, Borobudur Temple is a destination that is easily accessible to many people. For this reason, many people still prefer this destination.

One of the world’s top tourist attractions in Indonesia is adorned with stone carvings representing images from the life of Buddha. Borobudur Temple was built since the 9th century and is still standing today in a very majestic and charming form. In fact, its magnificence cannot be compared with other monuments.

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5. Rinjani Mountain, NTB ( Gunung Rinjani )

Mount Rinjani is one of the famous tourist attractions in Indonesia and is a dream for most climbers. The name Mount Rinjani became famous after it was one of the backgrounds of the movie titled 5cm. Since then, his name has become increasingly popular in the eyes of the world.

Mount Rinjani is proof that tourism in Indonesia is not only marine or marine, but also offers the enchanting beauty of the mountains. Although it is very popular and the dream of most tourists, you should still carefully prepare your climbing equipment so that there are no problems when climbing.