Money Making Application – Helo, Money Earning Application with Simple Activities

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There are many kinds of applications available nowadays. So why not take advantage of Helo, the money-earning application that can give you some cash just by doing simple activities in your spare time?

Almost everybody has a lot of different applications on their smartphone. But the Helo application can give you money for doing some fun activities that you might enjoy as well. Even from the start after you installed this application.

How to Download and Install Helo

To start getting money from this money-earning application, you can download the app from their official website at Another way is to download it free from Google Playstore by clicking this link.

After downloading the app, the next step is installing it on your smartphone. After that, go make a register. By the time you are done, your points balance in the app will be increasing.

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Tips and Tricks to Earn Money with Helo

There are daily tasks and many other activities for you to do. Once the task is done, you will get some points. Do another activity or task, and more points added to your balance.

These points can be changed into real money to be transferred to your account or the e-wallet of your choice. This is the list of activities that you can do to earn money:

1. Daily Check-In

By doing this activity each day, there will be points added to your balance. The points offered are not always the same, so you better take advantage of this easy task. By the end of 30 days consecutively, you will earn a lot of points in your balance.

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2. Invite a Friend

In this money-earning application, you will be given a certain code. Shae that code to your friends and families to earn some points. Moreover, you will have a chance to get some rewards by playing a simple game as shown in the app.

The rewards are iPhone, cash, and many more. Invite more friends, then you have more chances to play this game and get the reward.

3. Search the Contents

There are many interesting contents in this money-earning application. Many articles on a lot of different subjects that you can read or watch. You can earn some bonus coins by staying online in this app for at least 20 minutes.

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4. Make Your Video Content

Like many other money-earning applications, you can get more money by making your video content. Make interesting and fun content that will attract people to watch it. That way, you can earn money faster.

You should know that as a money-earning application, Helo is true to its word. The points and coins you have earned can be converted into real money to be paid to the account of your choice. So, why not try this app now and earn some money?